Amplify her AMPLIFY HER is a film, graphic novel, and animated motion comic series that explores the rise of female artists against the backdrop of the electronic music Music heals, right? Depends on the depths of the wounds. In Amplify Her, three Electronic Dance Music artists battle demons from their painful …

Romanie On Instagram: The paintings of the Ibicencan artist Romanie are a product of the inner work that is developed every time she picks up her brushes. The motifs and repetitive shapes we see are the inheritance of a childhood spent in the countryside in Ibiza in the 1970’s, …

Kimberly-Lynn Hanson On Instagram: Kimberly-Lynn Hanson’s work has graced the the walls of Galaries Lafayette in Paris all the way to the stunning New York City skyline, where it was illuminated 25 stories tall in Times Square. Her professionalism, elegant eye for branding and subtle yet powerful capability to deliver …

Lindy Kehoe – painter

Beautiful. Ethereal. Magic – all words we’d use to describe the paintings of Lindy Kehoe.

In her own words “My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels like a dream. I am motivated to create images that bring peaceful energy to the viewer, a place of remembrance, a place of innocence. The Oracular tendency keeps me fascinated by the mystical process.”

Prince Sage
Cover of “Remind me that I’m wild”

Creator presence



Leslie Benson

About My Creative Process & ArtWork

13787_582297918462790_1074912366_n The Core of my Artistic Process:

When I am creating artwork, magical things happen to my psyche.  When I relinquish my attachment to expected outcome, approach things with the child-like curiosity of a beginner’s mind, and simply listen to what is in front of me, the Universe whispers the sweetest things in my ears. Dots connect, stars align, threads are woven together. I begin to feel and to experience that intuitive knowing… that everything is connected.


My work utilizes weaving and sacred geometry as a symbolic gesture of creation and interconnectedness.  In my early life I suffered tremendsouly under the illusion that life is a series of disconnected fragments- a multitude of things all random, chaotic, and overwhelming. As I’ve grown I find more and more beautiful moments of synchronistic clarity, when I see and feel the truth of Being: that the natural state of all things is one of deep connection, divinity, and inherent perfection- more simply put: Love. There’s a name I have come to lovingly refer to the energy of this work as: Veluna. Roughly translated from Latin it means “from one,” reflecting my belief that while there can be this illusion of separateness, that beneath that everything originates from one Source.  I experience this sense of knowing most deeply when I am creating. It is my happy place, one where I feel playful, curious, and alive.  It is my fond and humble wish to share that feeling- that place of love and connection- with others.

Getting Technical:

I create sculptural artwork from paper and paper-like materials.  My basic process involves cutting a 2-dimensional material into slender strips at specific angles and leaving a “spine” or “base” intact.  From there I weave and layer the strips into a multitude of anamorphic, curvy, organic shapes.  Most pieces are created from just one continuous sheet of paper.  I developed all the techniques myself through many hours of experimentation and following my curiosity.

Their online gems:

Leslie Benson

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Timorous Beasties

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