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Amplify her

Amplify her
AMPLIFY HER is a film, graphic novel, and animated motion comic series that explores the rise of female artists against the backdrop of the electronic music Music heals, right? Depends on the depths of the wounds. In Amplify Her,…


On Instagram: The paintings of the Ibicencan artist Romanie are a product of the inner work that is developed every time she picks up her brushes. The motifs and repetitive shapes we see are the inheritance of a…

Kimberly-Lynn Hanson

On Instagram: Kimberly-Lynn Hanson’s work has graced the the walls of Galaries Lafayette in Paris all the way to the stunning New York City skyline, where it was illuminated 25 stories tall in Times Square. Her professionalism, elegant…

Kate Zessel

Zessel Designs creates designs inspired by Kate Zessel’s adventures in the West Coast mountains for clients like Lululemon and Patagonia. [sc_gallery gallery_gallery=”12889″ gallery_type=”slider” gallery_slider_layout=”fullwidth” gallery_layout=”100%” gallery_style=”justified” gallery_hover=”default”]