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Kimberly-Lynn Hanson

Kimberly-Lynn Hanson’s work has graced the the walls of Galaries Lafayette in Paris all the way to the stunning New York City skyline, where it was illuminated 25 stories tall in Times Square. Her professionalism, elegant eye for branding and subtle yet powerful capability to deliver a clean message has drawn companies like Diesel Denim, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, Bentley Motors, and Aston Martin. She works directly with architects, interior designers, developers, and gallery owners to provide strikingly thoughtful custom artwork which ties their challenging projects together.   Ranging from rich, romantic photo realistic, tactile charcoal works, to freely colored, modern abstract oils; sculpture to branding; tattooing to written essay, Kimberly-Lynn Hanson is obsessed with the many mysterious languages which strings all of the timelessly beautiful together. Her life long devotion remains to exist outside of ridged confines and her collection exudes this sentiment with a daring, self inflicted freedom. While working to blur the pre established boundaries of what an artist’s work should look like and to open understanding, Kimberly is willing to be misunderstood. “A small sacrifice to share the truth,” she expresses, ” It is my hope, my work, to expand the space for other artists to be able to create, to speak, to move without judgement so truer messages may be heard. It is my goal to Be in a world which possess the knowledge – This is what it looks like outside, beneath it, it is all the same. “

Her work proves true strength lays in malleability and honest bravery is possessed by the humility in hearing and fulfilling the needs of others. With her materials, as diverse as her clientele, she owns versatility and has consistently proven the ability to create in every medium, in every unlimited multi-facetted style. Hanson delivers a final product as a symbol, one that sings the integrities of harmony and unity. Here, paving a new way for All, she is at a level of her own. If only for Now because as Hanson says: “All are welcome. Together, let us enjoy this adventure. I can go first.”