Elise Mesnard – Portland Oregon based artist

http://www.elisemesnard.com/ BIOGRAPHY Elise Mesnard is a Portland Oregon based artist with her BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She has been greatly influenced by Baroque, Romantic and Sym bolist paintings. Her work focuses on exploring the play of light and shadow amongst dynamicforms. Meanwhile, her subject matter stems …

Lindy Kehoe – painter

Beautiful. Ethereal. Magic – all words we’d use to describe the paintings of Lindy Kehoe.

In her own words “My work is inspired by serendipity, a momentary feeling of interconnected magic, that often feels like a dream. I am motivated to create images that bring peaceful energy to the viewer, a place of remembrance, a place of innocence. The Oracular tendency keeps me fascinated by the mystical process.”

Prince Sage
Cover of “Remind me that I’m wild”

Creator presence

Website: http://lindykehoe.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dream_portal_art/

Ola Volo

WHO IS OLA VOLO ?   Ola Volo is an artist and illustrator based out of Vancouver, BC – available anywhere. Ola Volo (BFA, Emily Carr University) is a Canadian illustrator from Kazakhstan with a distinctive style drawn from history, multiculturalism and folklore. Her intricate works bring animals, people, architecture …