Kate Zessel

Zessel Designs creates designs inspired by Kate Zessel’s adventures in the West Coast mountains for clients like Lululemon and Patagonia. [sc_gallery gallery_gallery=”12889″ gallery_type=”slider” gallery_slider_layout=”fullwidth” gallery_layout=”100%” gallery_style=”justified” gallery_hover=”default”]

Leslie Benson

About My Creative Process & ArtWork The Core of my Artistic Process: When I am creating artwork, magical things happen to my psyche. When I relinquish my attachment to expected outcome, approach things with the child-like curiosity of a beginner’s…

Helen Christgau Levi

Helen Christgau Levi creates clean, elegant, yet simple pottery out of her quaint Brooklyn studio. Their online gems: Helen Christgau Levi Pot-ographer / / / / Brooklyn NY // instagram // Helen has been getting a lot of…