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Free Bootstrap templates for Sketch

Froala Design Blocks were released in October 2017 using the recently updated Bootstrap 4 framework. The Froala team set out to create HTML/CSS code blocks that follow existing user experience patterns on various devices. Froala released Design Blocks as an open-source project under their own FOWDL 1.0 license. The blocks provide a strong foundation for the common standards and patterns users expect while still allowing custom designs and design ideas to be explored when a unique design solution is needed.

Froala provides all the required visual assets within their source code, but we wanted our design process to match our development workflow. For us, that meant creating design assets that lined up with the development ones in a format that our UX and UI designers could edit. We decided to create a Sketch-based version of the Froala Design Blocks that our design team could use to design and create custom solutions with when we create new digital projects for our clients.

Froala Design Block Sketch Template